The £200 challenge

Hello all, I’ve decided that I’m going to be defiant in my poverty (tongue firmly in cheek). My plan is to spend an allocated £200 per month on getting shit done in my flat. The time is now, I’m fed up of living in a girls place. So if anyone has any ideas as to […]

Friendship to more, or the never-ending search for someone new?

Hello cheerful people! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about relationships; looking and not finding, and not looking and finding, and such. As I’m sure many of you know I find it quite difficult to form any sort of relationship let alone any kind of “romantic” one. On speaking to my friends (probably those reading […]

The long road to recovery

As I’m sure you all know, everyone has their story. So I’m not about to give a lecture about how difficult my life has been because it frankly hasn’t so I wouldn’t want to be a liar now would I? I do however have a constant thorn in my side, (my feet in a more […]

I’m in!

So, I’m finally in my flat after what seems like 10 years of waiting. I’ll be posting lots of pics. Unfortunately I didn’t take many before I moved stuff in. I will also be hosting drinks and eats for friends so I’ll post those pics too. Lovin’ life though! Dave. Tweet This Post

Learning Vala

Hello all, Some of you may be aware of a little thing called twitter. On said microblogging platform I got talking to Daniel Fore, (a.k.a. DanRabbit, @DanielFore), a guy that has taken the Linux world by storm with his mac-like future vision of the OpenSource desktop world. He says that Vala is the way forward […]

Lots of updates – Not all are interesting…

Hello all! Well, things are still a bit tense at work as expected but with certain employees taking time off, things seem to have calmed down a little. Luckily the one of two I *actually* like is still being friendly (and a little flirty) with me. Generally good times all round. I also finally feel […]

Office Politics!

The emergence of office problems has almost exactly coincided with my becoming single. It makes me realise that no matter how much I like these people, they are, and only ever will be, my colleagues. The moment I leave that workplace, they can transition to the friendzone. I wouldn’t mind so much if the people […]

Fun is fun for everyone!

Time to have fun! It’s the weekend so let it begin! That’s the idea anyway. It all depends on the weather and whether (I went there) there are fun things to do. I’m excited to meet up with the posse on Sunday. I really shouldn’t use the word posse, it doesn’t suit me. I like […]

DeviantArt account

Hello all! I thought I’d do some self publicity. I’ve had my deviantart page up for a while but none of you knew about it. You can find it here: -Dave Tweet This Post

Getting boring now…

The constant waiting around for the next step gets boring. Very boring. You want to move on, get out there, and do your own thing. But you can’t you’re trapped. So, what do you do? Do you wait around content with what you have? or do you make micro changes that make it seem like […]